[vdr] vdr and YUV output

Andreas Holzhammer - Privat andreas.holzhammer at gmx.de
Tue Jun 7 13:55:46 CEST 2005

Ondrej Wisniewski schrieb:

> Andreas Holzhammer - Privat wrote:
>>> Andreas Holzhammer - Privat a écrit :
>> Nicolas,
>> thanks for your recommendations, I will have a look into the Matrox 
>> route as well. I'm somewhat concerned on CPU power especially when 
>> playing back mpeg4, but I could offload this to a pinnacle showcenter 
>> type box.
>> There are three reasons to use YUV:
>> - progressive scan is possible through YUV
>> - DVD media is natively YUV
>> - most important, my amp (Yamaha AX1) is capable of switching YUV 
>> input signals (and add his OSD to it), but can't do RGB
>> So the highest achievable quality for me is YUV
> I have the VDR box and a DVD player both with RGB output which I would
> like to switch with an A/V amp. However there seem to be only amps on
> the market that switch YUV signals. Anyone knows why ? Are there (cheap)
> ways around that ?
> Ondrej ...


there is a "workaround" for this, where you would split the RGB 
connector into three cinch connectors and switch these through your YUV 
inputs on the AMP. You would also have to switch the Sync through 
Composite to get a working setup.

There are some explanations and schematics for this out there on the 
web, but I don't remember where :-(


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