[vdr] Premiere HDTV ?

Grégoire Favre gregoire.favre at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 20:03:31 CEST 2005

On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 08:31:42PM +0300, Anssi Hannula wrote:

> PremierHDTV1:11915:h:0:27500:511:512:128
> PremierHDTV2:11915:h:0:27500:767:512:128
> PremierHDTV3:11915:h:0:27500:511:772:128
> PremierHDTV4:11915:h:0:27500:767:772:128
> PremierHDTV5:11915:h:0:27500:1290:214:128
> PremierHDTV6:11915:h:0:27500:1291:214:128

I have put those in a channels-conf/dvb-s/PremiereHDTV and :

./szap -a 1 -c channels-conf/dvb-s/PremiereHDTV -r -n 1
(my budget is the second card in my system)
And to play I use :

mplayer -vo xv -xineramascreen 1  - < /dev/dvb/adapter1/dvr0

Quality is amazing (better than all I was able to get with xine, no idea
why ???) but for the time being, and all channels I try, I don't get any
x264 content... and no HDTV, but I don't know whether Premiere send FTA
HDTV testing or not ?

Anyone get further ?
	Grégoire Favre

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