[vdr] Dead lock in VDR/EPG scan

Michael Reinelt reinelt at eunet.at
Wed Jun 8 07:24:59 CEST 2005

> Anybody here who is really using EPG scan? ;-)

Yes, me :-)

It did *never* work here until a bug was fixed in 1.3.25. Now the EPG
scan starts in the night (as I want it to), but in the next morning, my
screen is black. VDR still works, I can access the menus and so on, but
no Live-TV. If I watch a recording, it's fine, if I abort it again =>
black screen. The only solution I found is restarting VDR.

Maybe the EPG scan tries to tune to a evil/bad/random channel, or one of
the channels confuses the FF card, ...

I could not find anything useful in the logfiles...

bye, Michael

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