[vdr] VDR and Sky Digital

Mark Watson linuxtv at foft.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Jun 8 21:11:53 CEST 2005

> Simply put, if I add a DVB-S card to my VDR setup, connect my SCA card to
> this, and have a dish installed on my roof, can I then connect the dish
> directly to VDR and use the sky card to decode the signal? I am only
> interested in the FTV and FTA channels, not in illegally decoding the Sky
> premium channels. (I may upgrade the card to premium channels in future. )
> Will this work, or do I need to take the output from a Sky digibox?

The only way I know of to get hold of the Sky DVB stream for the non-free 
channels into VDR is to use the PACE 2200 Digibox's Digital Interface port 
(possible on certain versions of the box only). I.e. get the box to do the 
decoding and take the decoded stream. This is non-trivial though requiring 
programming and electronics experience. It is possible though using a Cypress 
EZ FX2 chip or similar.



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