[vdr] VDR and Sky Digital

Octavian STEFAN tavi.stefan at agoraitc.ro
Thu Jun 9 07:25:52 CEST 2005

As I know U can use a cardspider and newcamd and a serial CI or gbox 
plugin and smartmouse .
I'm not specialist but as I know U can share your card and use it to 
watch nds.

Mark Watson wrote:

>>Simply put, if I add a DVB-S card to my VDR setup, connect my SCA card to
>>this, and have a dish installed on my roof, can I then connect the dish
>>directly to VDR and use the sky card to decode the signal? I am only
>>interested in the FTV and FTA channels, not in illegally decoding the Sky
>>premium channels. (I may upgrade the card to premium channels in future. )
>>Will this work, or do I need to take the output from a Sky digibox?
>The only way I know of to get hold of the Sky DVB stream for the non-free 
>channels into VDR is to use the PACE 2200 Digibox's Digital Interface port 
>(possible on certain versions of the box only). I.e. get the box to do the 
>decoding and take the decoded stream. This is non-trivial though requiring 
>programming and electronics experience. It is possible though using a Cypress 
>EZ FX2 chip or similar.
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