[vdr] Low volume on Pro7 ?

Prakash Punnoor prakashp at arcor.de
Thu Jun 9 11:57:19 CEST 2005

Dr. Werner Fink schrieb:
> Most AC3 channels do have a lower volume due to the fact that
> the dynanic range of AC3 is much more than 100dB. This is much
> more than you can do with Mpeg Audio and raw PCM at 16bit[1].

You know that you can feed floating-points into mpa and get the same out and
there is also an extension for mc, so in theory you can get nearly the same
dynamics with mpa as with ac3, but usually tracks are not mixed this way and
as nearly no receiver handles mpa, it gets decoded to PCM anyway, so
practically you are right.

Prakash Punnoor
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