[vdr] Dead lock in VDR/EPG scan

Michael Reinelt reinelt at eunet.at
Thu Jun 9 14:13:49 CEST 2005

Rainer Zocholl wrote:

> Is it a single or multi card system?
Single FF card.

>>Now the EPG scan starts in the night (as I want it to), 
> If it is a multi card system, when does it start?
> almost "immediately" or after 1 or 2 h?
single card, so after 3 hours or so (as set up in "EPG Scan Delay") or
by pressing the Red Button.

> Have you locked all HDTV channels with an "non existing CA"-ID?
Huh? How can I find them? If I found'em, how could I "lock" them?

>>The only solution I found is restarting VDR.
> ACK, but is assume in your case "simply" one of the drivers died.
I think so, too, but there's no way to restart just this driver?

>>I could not find anything useful in the logfiles...
> I only found 2 "switch to channel"...
Here's what my log says:

This was the last user interaction:
Jun  9 01:31:30 artus vdr[21880]: switching to channel 5

About 2 hours later the EPG scan starts:
Jun  9 03:31:51 artus vdr[21880]: info: Beginne mit EPG-Scan

Some corrections done by the EPG scan:
Jun  9 03:32:18 artus vdr[21886]: changing name of channel 5500 from 'TV
Polonia,;TVP Service' to 'TV Polonia,;TVP'
Jun  9 03:32:57 artus vdr[21886]: linking channel 150 from 157 151 158
152 153 159 155 154 to 157 151 158 159 154 155

(btw, what's this 'linking channel...' about?

Somethin strange:
Jun  9 03:37:51 artus vdr[21889]: CAM: different stream flag in CA
Jun  9 03:38:11 artus last message repeated 7 times

Is this a "non-existing CA"-ID and/or a HDTV channel?

At 6 in the morning a timer starts:
Jun  9 06:01:00 artus vdr[21880]: timer 4 (1 0601-0619 'Die Abenteuer
der Maus auf dem Mars~Der Marsmensch') start

10 mins later an error occurs:
Jun  9 06:09:10 artus kernel: av7110_fw_request: timeout waiting for
COMMAND to complete
Jun  9 06:09:10 artus kernel: dvb-ttpci: StartHWFilter error  buf 0b07
0010 03f3 b96a  ret ffffffff  handle c036
Jun  9 06:09:11 artus kernel: StopHWFilter tried to stop invalid filter
ffff, filter type = 1

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