[vdr] vdr, streamdev, vdr-xine: intermittent lost sound

Mattias Grönlund Mattias.Gronlund at Gronlund.net
Thu Jun 9 23:08:37 CEST 2005


I have intermittent problems when watching using the client, sometimes when
switching channel the displayed stream seams to have about 1-2 fps and the
sound is absent, if I then switch to the same channel again the displayed
streams looks as expected and the sound appears again.

My configuration is:
- A server Athlon 1.4GHz with two DVB-cards, running vdr with
streamdev-server plugin. 
- A client Celeron 2GHz with no DVB-card, running vdr with streamdev-client
and vdr-xine plugin, and xine started via freevo.

Versions used:
	vdr		1.3.25
	streamdev	cvs from 2005-06-06
	vdr-xine	0.7.4
	xine-lib	1.0.1
	xine-ui	0.99.3


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