[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] Enigma-0.3 ... with fixes/additions for vdr-1.3.25

C.Y.M syphir at syphir.sytes.net
Fri Jun 10 19:12:20 CEST 2005

Andreas Brugger wrote:
> Hi list!
> I've uploaded an updated version of my skin. So feel free to download it
> from my homepage (http://home.pages.at/brougs78) or use the direct-link:
> http://count.primawebtools.de/dlcountx.php?encid=40102&id=98832
> <http://count.primawebtools.de/dlcountx.php?encid=40102&id=98832>
> BTW, you need the latest CVS-version of text2skin for this to work. VDR
> can (but need not) to be the current version.
> If you have any nice logos for plugins or telly-stations that you want
> to see included in the next version please mail them to me (brougs78 at
> gmx dot net). I'll really appreciate that.

I just started to notice that all the output windows created by using selections
from the "Commands" menu do not utilize the correct font in the skin.  Also,
plugins like "Undelete" do not show recording info using the correct font.  The
following change seems to fix the problem.. Please let me know if you think
there is a better way (sorry if this paste wraps lines).

@@ -774,8 +774,8 @@
                        <rectangle x1="0" x2="-95" y1="30" y2="93"
                        <rectangle x1="0" x2="-1" y1="94" y2="-31"

-                       <scrolltext
condition="equal({MenuTitle:clean},trans('Summary'))" x1="10" x2="-106" y1="35"
font="Vera.ttf:22,85" color="MenuTxtFG">{MenuText}</scrolltext>
-                       <scrolltext
condition="not(equal({MenuTitle:clean},trans('Summary')))" x1="10" x2="-106"
y1="35" y2="
-36" font="VeraMono.ttf:22,85" color="MenuTxtFG">{MenuText}</scrolltext>
+                       <scrolltext condition="{MenuTitle:clean}" x1="10"
x2="-106" y1="35" y2="-36" font="Vera.ttf:22,85" co
+                       <scrolltext condition="not({MenuTitle:clean})" x1="10"
x2="-106" y1="35" y2="-36" font="VeraMono.ttf:
22,85" color="MenuTxtFG">{MenuText}</scrolltext>

                <!-- Show recordings (in all menus except 'Extended EPG-info'
and 'MenuText') -->

Best Regards,

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