[vdr] Channel find/update problem on 1.3.25

Tomahawk Tomahawk at tvcs.de
Sat Jun 11 16:13:15 CEST 2005


I've got a problem with the auto sender "find/update" functionality of VDR.
Though a sender is found, I am not able to watch it because the
Audio/Video PIDs don't get recognized.

Example of channel entry in channels.conf:

even leaving it tuned to the channel for some time doesn't fix the problem.
Currently I'm using VDR 1.3.25 with Kernel 2.6.10-rc2 and also tested it
on Kernel 2.6.12-rc6.
My DVB-Card is a Siemens DVB-C.
Any idea on how to solve this ?!?



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