[vdr] Dead lock in VDR/EPG scan

Michael Reinelt reinelt at eunet.at
Sat Jun 11 17:46:54 CEST 2005

Hi Klaus,

>> Now the EPG
>> scan starts in the night (as I want it to), but in the next morning, my
>> screen is black. VDR still works, I can access the menus and so on, but
>> no Live-TV. If I watch a recording, it's fine, if I abort it again =>
>> black screen. The only solution I found is restarting VDR.

> The EPG scan only tunes to each transponder for some 20 seconds and
> collects whatever data it finds. It does not switch to any particular
> _channel_ (i.e. it does not set the primary device to display a certain
> programme). So even if it tunes to, say, a transponder that broadcasts
> HDTV programmes, a full featured DVB card shouldn't suffer from that,
> because it never "sees" the actual HDTV data stream.

Thanks for the info. This explains why the screen goes black when I
start a scan with the red button, right?

Anyway, I *will* find this bug :-)

Debugging this one will be hard... If I switch to another channel after
I started an EPG scan, it's fine: the scan stops, and I get live TV. I
would have to start scan, wait 20 seconds, change channel. Start scan,
wait 40 seconds, channel switch. start, 60 seconds, .... well,
approximately after a year I would have found the reason ;-(

Maybe a debug message "scanning EPG on transponder xy" would be helpful.
Klaus, could you give me a hint where to place such a printf? (my C++
knowledge is that miserable)

I think that only live tv does not work, as I said, watching a recording
is fine. And I think that recording works fine, too (there's an
autotimer from my girlfriend for "Die Maus auf dem Mars" every morning,
and I'm *sure* she would have complained :-)

I get lots of "CAM: different stream flag in CA descriptors" messages
during the night (probably during the EPG scan), any idea what this means?

btw, today I've seen lots of this messages in my log:
changing pids of channel 3203 from 701+701:702:204 to 901+901:902:204
changing pids of channel 3203 from 901+901:902:204 to 701+701:702:204
changing pids of channel 3203 from 701+701:702:204 to 901+901:902:204

they alternate every 30 seconds or so.

Channel 3203 is here:

oh, it's called Test-R... that explains it all :-)

TIA, Michael

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