[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] Enigma-0.3 ... with fixes/additions for vdr-1.3.25

Andreas Brugger brougs78 at gmx.net
Sat Jun 11 17:51:35 CEST 2005


I do not see a wrong behaviour here. If I start a command it shows the 
result in VeraMono and the undelete-plugin shows one line with the title 
on the top (no scrolltext) in the usual Vera-font.
Or did I missunderstood you?

Andreas Brugger

C.Y.M schrieb:

>Andreas Brugger wrote:
>>Hi list!
>>I've uploaded an updated version of my skin. So feel free to download it
>>from my homepage (http://home.pages.at/brougs78) or use the direct-link:
>>BTW, you need the latest CVS-version of text2skin for this to work. VDR
>>can (but need not) to be the current version.
>>If you have any nice logos for plugins or telly-stations that you want
>>to see included in the next version please mail them to me (brougs78 at
>>gmx dot net). I'll really appreciate that.
>I just started to notice that all the output windows created by using selections
>from the "Commands" menu do not utilize the correct font in the skin.  Also,
>plugins like "Undelete" do not show recording info using the correct font.  The
>following change seems to fix the problem.. Please let me know if you think
>there is a better way (sorry if this paste wraps lines).
>@@ -774,8 +774,8 @@
>                        <rectangle x1="0" x2="-95" y1="30" y2="93"
>                        <rectangle x1="0" x2="-1" y1="94" y2="-31"
>-                       <scrolltext
>condition="equal({MenuTitle:clean},trans('Summary'))" x1="10" x2="-106" y1="35"
>font="Vera.ttf:22,85" color="MenuTxtFG">{MenuText}</scrolltext>
>-                       <scrolltext
>condition="not(equal({MenuTitle:clean},trans('Summary')))" x1="10" x2="-106"
>y1="35" y2="
>-36" font="VeraMono.ttf:22,85" color="MenuTxtFG">{MenuText}</scrolltext>
>+                       <scrolltext condition="{MenuTitle:clean}" x1="10"
>x2="-106" y1="35" y2="-36" font="Vera.ttf:22,85" co
>+                       <scrolltext condition="not({MenuTitle:clean})" x1="10"
>x2="-106" y1="35" y2="-36" font="VeraMono.ttf:
>22,85" color="MenuTxtFG">{MenuText}</scrolltext>
>                </block>
>                <!-- Show recordings (in all menus except 'Extended EPG-info'
>and 'MenuText') -->
>Best Regards,
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