[vdr] Channel find/update problem on 1.3.25

Dominik Strasser dominik at die-strassers.de
Sat Jun 11 19:15:43 CEST 2005

Tomahawk wrote:

>Yes when using the dbox2 as recveiver I can see the channel is broadcasting.
>The problem appeared to me in connection with recent changes in
>transponder Layout by German "Premiere" Broadcaster.
>Unfortuantely I'm not able to copy the channel data to VDR because all
>problem channels are "optional" Channels and not saved in the Bouqet.
>Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
>>Tomahawk wrote:
>>>I've got a problem with the auto sender "find/update" functionality
>>>of VDR.
>>>Though a sender is found, I am not able to watch it because the
>>>Audio/Video PIDs don't get recognized.
>>>Example of channel entry in channels.conf:
>>>even leaving it tuned to the channel for some time doesn't fix the
>>>Currently I'm using VDR 1.3.25 with Kernel 2.6.10-rc2 and also tested it
>>>on Kernel 2.6.12-rc6.
>>>My DVB-Card is a Siemens DVB-C.
>>>Any idea on how to solve this ?!?
>>Are you sure that this channel is broadcasting at the time you
>>test it?
The problem is that the channel has the wrong frequency. IMHO it has the 
same frequency as the "Master" channel which is not necessarily the 
case. Editing the channel manually and trying all freqencies (there 
aren't many for Premiere and cable) is the only help I found. Once you 
have the correct frequency, VDR fills in the PID data correctly.

Klaus: Is there any debug switch for libsi, or is the only way to add 
debug prints ?
Additionally there is one question: Why are the link channels in the 
channel list. Basically, there is no need to add them there as there is 
always a portal which collects them. The dbox or WinDVBLive don't have 
them in the channel list.

dvbscan also doesn't detect the channels correctly. There they don't 
even have a name.



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