[vdr] Low volume on Pro7 ?

Prakash Punnoor prakashp at arcor.de
Mon Jun 13 17:26:45 CEST 2005

Joerg Knitter schrieb:
> Prakash Punnoor wrote:
>> But what do you want to tell me? You are right or me? I am not an audio
>> expert, but if I may quote following, I think it rather backs me up,
>> as AFAIk
>> noise shaping is a form of dithering, too. I understand:
>> 96kHz, 20 bit pcm ~ SACD ~ 96kHz, 16 bit pcm w/ noise shaping
>> So dithering does help to reduce noise levels. Or did I completely
>> misunderstand anything?
> I think, yes.
> Dithering does add noise to get a smoother sound at low volumes. I have
> read that the reason for dithering has something to do with
> psychoacoustics: Human ear does not like distortion like it is produced
> with quantisation noise, so "analogue" noise is added which makes the
> sound smoother while at the same time the noise is ignored or filtered
> by our mind. So in result, it sounds better even if we have added noise.

Oh yes, I know about this. I didn't want to say "dithering is all great". It
is a tradeoff. Dithering adds unwanted frequencies, right. For that you get
better snr. Question is just, which is better. I case of 1bit (SACD,
PC-Speaker, C64 digitized sounds...) you definately want better snr. ;-)

Prakash Punnoor
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