[vdr] Channel find/update problem on 1.3.25

Tomahawk Tomahawk at tvcs.de
Mon Jun 13 20:23:32 CEST 2005

Just tried to insulate the available data using dvbsnoop

As far as I can see the needed data is not in SDT but because you get
the Program number it seems you would have to scan all PATs (perhaps by
caching them everytime you are tuned to their transponder) for the right
program number.
But at least you would know it is not on the current transponder because
its not in the actual PAT.

Program Association Table (PAT) for 378 MHz in my case holds the correct
information for the channel
    Program_number: 221 (0x00dd)
    reserved: 7 (0x07)
    Program_map_PID: 97 (0x0061)

I will dig into the tuxbox code where this works without problems to
determine their way of working on this.



Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:

> Tomahawk wrote:
>> ...
>> Getting back to the core problem, why is it that VDR detects the channel
>> (even gives it the right name), but takes the Frequency of the base
>> channel for this one instead of the correct frequency ?
>> E.g. he takes the the 362 MHz of th base channel instead of 378 MHz
>> where the channel physically resides.
> I guess that's because in the SDT filer (where new channels are detected)
> the only known frequency is that of the channel that is currently
> delivering
> the data. But maybe there is still something missing in VDR's way of
> handling
> this, so please feel free to debug into this and let me know if you
> find something.
> Klaus

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