[vdr] channels.conf DVB-T Hamburg in VDR-WIKI partly wrong

Olaf Meltzer olaf.meltzer at gmx.de
Sat Jun 18 18:36:41 CEST 2005


using the channels list from VDR-WIKI regarding Hamburg I 
found some errors.

The bouquets frequency containing the following stations, is 
definitely wrong.

Bayerisches FS:530000:...
NDR FS NDS:530000:...
NDR FS SH:530000:...
NDR FS MVP:530000:...

I can read out some of the required data to establish the 
correct entries of a channels.conf, but not all, with the 
Windows application Cinergy Digital. I receive the complete 
set of stations under Windows without errors.

The correct frequency of the above bouquet is 205500. But I 
presume, some of the other data might be still wrong, since 
even when I use those data, which I can read out under 
Windows, there is no receiption. I can read out frequency, 
VID, AID, and PID. And filling in / verify these data, I 
get the following lines for the bouquet. I broke lines here 
only for posting. Please correct this.

:DVB-T Hamburg (wrong)
Bayern (terr)
MDR (terr)
NDR NDS (terr)
NDR HH (terr)
NDR SH (terr)
NDR MVP (terr)
WDR (terr)
Is anybody able to verify this, or can give me the correct 

Another bouquet (hr-fernsehen, MDR, NDR FS NDS, WDR), which 
the VDR-WIKI locates in Hamburg, is actually receiptable 
here, but with weak signalstrength. It belongs to some 
region in the neighbourhood, possibly Niedersachsen, but 
not to Hamburg.

Greetings -- Olaf Meltzer
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