[vdr] How to change the resolution?

Norm Dressler norm at dressler.ca
Mon Jun 20 00:01:29 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I had at one point changed the resolution of how my recordings were being 
saved -- they are now 544x480.

My primary DVD player won't play this resolution though -- I get vertical sync 
issues.  Ironically, my daugher's $39 Wal-Mart DVD player will play them but 
my home theatre setup won't!  The resolution is all that I can see being the 

I want to make it true NTSC with 648x486.  I also want to try some of the 
other NTSC sizes like 720x486 and 720x540.

Can someone point to where I can find this and whether it would be difficult 
to change?


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