[vdr] boot times

Alfred Zastrow vdr at zastrow4u.de
Mon Jun 20 17:33:31 CEST 2005

Simon Baxter schrieb:
> I see on the WIKI people have posted boot times, as low as 15 seconds.

Yes, no Problem.

> My boot time is terrible - haven't timed it, but would imagine it has to 
> be 180 seconds plus.
> I am still running udev (FC3), which seems to take a large amount of 
> time. I'm sure I could probably strip out some of the other processes 
> (like the NTP sync - why is that run at start up!!  Surely it should 
> happen in parallel, not sequentially)
> Has anyone done a strip-down checklist of the things that must and must 
> not be started?  Any tuning recommendations?

Still the best recommendation is to use a dedicated machine for vdr and 
to build/compile the whole stuff on a second machine. Then you don't 
need all the overhead.

My vdr-system has the whole vdr/glibc/bin/modules-things in a initrd ram 
disc which is loaded by the bios together with the kernel.
Boot time (after bios-checks) is < 10 seconds to see a picture and about 
20 seconds until the system is ready to replay/record on a Duron 1300 board.


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