[vdr] boot times

Alfred Zastrow vdr at zastrow4u.de
Mon Jun 20 21:03:39 CEST 2005

Nicolas Huillard schrieb:

> Did you test different boot-time of standard stripped-down distros,
> before setting this up, or did you go straight there because there is no
> hope to significantly reduce the boot-time (read "time before live-view").
> Said otherwise : what is the cost of the lasts seconds saved on booting,
> and is it worth the effort for us average hackers ?
> IIRC, a base install of a standard Debian boots in 15 seconds (from the
> BIOS to the prompt, VIA C3 1Ghz). You have quite nothing for this time,
> but it is still really low.

I began with debian in 1999. It was a 2 disk distribution of the first 
linux edition from the german "chip" magazine. Later I switched to Suse 
and the first update (I think from 6.2 to 6.3) messed up my system. I 
tried red hat but I got sick of all the rpm orgies. Then I decided to 
build the things mysef, now for more then 5 years. I use some chroot 
environments and a script driven build system on my master machine.
Right now Im fighting with an embeded installation of asterisk (ISDN- 
and internet phone box software) on an old K6-2/500 at 400-board.  :-)

Regarding your "15 seconds":
Put three disks with sizes of 200 to 300 GB and formated with reiserfs 
in your system an you will wait 20 to 30 seconds longer because of the 
filesystem consistency checks.

I can get a shell prompt after 5 seconds. The <10 seconds up to a 
picture include the firmware-loading of *two* FF-cards and the 
initialisation of a saa7134 mpex card.


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