[vdr] EPG scan on single card system

Bernhard Stegmaier bernhard.stegmaier at in.tum.de
Wed Jun 22 21:25:50 CEST 2005


OK, the culprit was "TimeOut=0". If I set it to any other value
everything is fine. Klaus, I think you should move the test for
"TimeOut=0" somewhere else (as as sketched in the morning)... since it
is somewhat confusing, that TimeOut=0 even prevents manually triggered
EPG scans.

Some more thoughts on that issue... as far as I understand, the EPG-scan
timeout only affects single-card systems, since otherwise EPG-Scan is
done anyway, so:
- It is useful if vdr is running 24/7, because you can set it to a high
value such that it does not disturb live-tv.

- In my case, vdr is only up when i watch live-tv, watch a recording, or
record something. If I set the timeout to a low value (1h) it is
annoying during live-tv. On the other hand, it would enable EPG-scan
while watching recordings. If I set it to a high value, it does not
disturb live-tv, but most likely will never kick in, because I probably
never watch such long recordings. In both cases, I don't find it very

- What about a configuration option "EPG-Search only when viewing a
recording"? If it is disabled, everything is like it is now. If enabled,
I might set the timeout to 1h, and EPG-scan only happens when I watch a
recording and it does not disturb there...

Another thing that might be useful: I'm currently setting up the wake-up
such that vdr is powered on each night and an EPG-scan is triggered via
SVDRP. It would be useful, if I could add a parameter "power off after
scan"... of course that would be done anyway by means of the user idle
setting, but why waiting 45 minutes (in my case) if a scan lasts, say,
10 minutes?

Does anybody have/know patches in these two directions? If not, I
possibly will try to find some spare time to do this myself...


PS: That's the 3rd attempt to post this reply... now using Linux as I
did for the other posts. The other two attempts have been made using
WindowsXP/Thunderbird... can anybody tell me why they are rejected?

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