[vdr] EPG scan on single card system

Rainer Zocholl UseNet-Posting-Nospam-74308- at zocki.toppoint.de
Wed Jun 22 23:33:00 CEST 2005

bernhard.stegmaier at in.tum.de(Bernhard Stegmaier)  22.06.05 21:25


>OK, the culprit was "TimeOut=0". If I set it to any other value
>everything is fine. Klaus, I think you should move the test for
>"TimeOut=0" somewhere else (as as sketched in the morning)... since it
>is somewhat confusing, that TimeOut=0 even prevents manually triggered
>EPG scans.

>Some more thoughts on that issue... as far as I understand, the
>EPG-scan timeout only affects single-card systems, 
>since otherwise EPG-Scan is done anyway, so:

Better use the term "restricted resources" because 
a multicard motor dish or LNBsharing system EPG-scan can't work sucessfully
or will destroy recordings/livestream too!

(Currently in (my) LNBsharing EPG scan ends in an endless loop)

>- It is useful if vdr is running 24/7, because you can set it to a
>high value such that it does not disturb live-tv.

Some guys programms a dummy recording at 3:00 just to turn the VDR on 
to get the "fresh" EPG infos.
Then a delay of 1minute would be ideal...

>- In my case, vdr is only up when i watch live-tv, watch a recording,
>or record something. If I set the timeout to a low value (1h) it is
>annoying during live-tv. 
>On the other hand, it would enable EPG-scan while watching recordings. 
>If I set it to a high value, it does not disturb live-tv, 
>but most likely will never kick in, because I probably never watch 
>such long recordings. In both cases, I don't find
>it very useful.

>- What about a configuration option "EPG-Search only when viewing a
>If it is disabled, everything is like it is now. 
>If enabled, I might set the timeout to 1h, and EPG-scan only happens when
>I watch a recording and it does not disturb there...

Sound good. But EPG should save the channel when it started to
restore it when the recording stops...

But EPG should take running recordings into count.

>Another thing that might be useful: I'm currently setting up the
>wake-up such that vdr is powered on each night and an EPG-scan is
>triggered via SVDRP. It would be useful, if I could add a parameter
>"power off after scan"... of course that would be done anyway by means
>of the user idle setting, but why waiting 45 minutes (in my case) if a
>scan lasts, say, 10 minutes?


>Does anybody have/know patches in these two directions? If not, I
>possibly will try to find some spare time to do this myself...

>PS: That's the 3rd attempt to post this reply... now using Linux as I
>did for the other posts. The other two attempts have been made using
>WindowsXP/Thunderbird... can anybody tell me why they are rejected?

Show the error message.

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