[vdr] How to debug a vdr segfault?

Hanno Mueller sockpuppet at hanno.de
Thu Jun 23 14:11:55 CEST 2005


I used to run a vdr 1.2.6 based on Debian with Kernel and a
full-featured DVB-C card. That combination worked very stable and I had
no complaints at all.

Recently I added a Nova-T (new Conexant-based revision) DVB-T and
upgraded to 2.6.12 which contains the new drivers to support it.

Since then, my vdr segfaults every few minutes

The friendly folks at the DVB mailing list seen to think that it's not
the card, another user reports it is stable for him

I tried as suggested to use vdr without runvdr
and it showed me the segfaults. I also tried to run it without the
plugins, same problem.

The card itself seems to work. I used the vanilla 2.6.12 kernel and the
card was recognized. Before vdr crashes, I can switch channels, watch TV
and it receives EPG data from the DVB-T channel, as well.

How can I debug this problem? Is it the card, the kernel, the vdr
version, the tv channel it tuned to?



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