[vdr] How to debug a vdr segfault?

Rainer Zocholl UseNet-Posting-Nospam-74308- at zocki.toppoint.de
Thu Jun 23 20:10:00 CEST 2005

sockpuppet at hanno.de(Hanno Mueller)  23.06.05 17:32

>Andreas Brachold schrieb:
>> Your should generate a backtrace to locate the seqfault.
>> Like http://linux.bytesex.org/gdb.html

>Thanks, I'll test that.

>> It's very usefull to compile vdr additional debug informations.
>> #Make.config
>> CFLAGS += -g -ggdb -O0
>> CXXFLAGS += -g -ggdb -O0
>> LDFLAGS += -g -ggdb -O0

>I'm using the c't vdr binary packages from e-tobi.net. I'll see if I
>can compile my own from their sources.

There will be no way arround, as it not possible to
get the symbols for the distrubuted binaries as it is
easily possible to do with the OS with "w".

Maybe you can first generate a "coredump" and do
some "post mortem" debugging.

Maybe after compliing, the error is ogne.

I am using AverMedia 771 DVB-T with any obvious problem with 
2.6.11+ CVS-DVB drivers.
(Only the tuning is a bit slow, but OK)
OTHO i had a TwinHan with instantly kills the box.

>Forgive, in Linux, I'm a perl guy and rarley use cc and never used

Some time ago on this list some hints were mailed.
Search for  mails with "ulimit" and "segfault".

But i don't know if gdb is of great help in debugging drivers.
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