[vdr] [PATCH] time warp

Birgit & Andreas Böttger fboettger at t-online.de
Thu Jun 23 21:57:57 CEST 2005

Rainer Zocholl schrieb:
> It's usually not wise to use comerical transpnoders for such purposes,
> there timers are often broken. (They have no interest in your recording
> and skipping the adds!

Hmm, beside the garbage (caught by my patch) all tested transponders
(other than ARD, 21 seconds to late) have correct time.

> Some time ago ZDF had, by "law", to transmitt a very exact
> 15,625kHz scan frequency for germany analog TV. I would assume that
> they still deliver a reliable time.

Yesterday ZDF had a gab of one day for some minutes :)

With the patch, garbage (bad reception or what ever) is no problem,
because those values will never be the same twice.
But if a transponder is out of time (ARD and ZDF in my tests) we have
no chance to detect that. Checking more than two values is useless imho.
We could limit the time correction to some seconds, but if the system
time is totaly wrong after a crash, we need a (very) big step asap...

Kind regards
Andreas Böttger

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