[vdr] dvd plugin

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Sat Jun 25 20:01:23 CEST 2005

>> I've just installed this and the control for dvd navigation is great.
>> 2 problems though.
>> 1) I get no sound! ??

>let's guess, you have DolbyDigital enabled ?

You got me - yes.  I also noticed when I played a DVD the 'dolby 2 or 5.1??' 
menu came up.  I tried both, but no sound

>Then this is how it momentarily behaves.
>You may try some of newer firmwares 261d/261e.

oh, ok.  I'm using dvd-0.3.6_b02, is there a newer version?
Sorry for my ignorance - firmware for what??

>> 2) I was testing FF and REW and it locked up VDR and the DVB driver - had 
>> to
>> reboot.
>You mean reboot vdr or the whole computer ?
>Have you tried to get access on the konsole ?

VDR, vdr-xine, xine & the DVB locked up and couldn't be killed.  I restarted 
X, but ended up rebooting (I have an outstanding IRQ (maybe) problem with 
the DVB drivers, which means I can't rmmod them.

I also have an existing problem FF-ing and REW-ing vdr recordings where VDR 
locks for a few seconds (or completely) which may be complicating things. 
may upgrade from 1.3.23 at some point...

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