[vdr] How to debug a vdr segfault?

Hanno Mueller sockpuppet at hanno.de
Sat Jun 25 20:06:12 CEST 2005

Darren Salt schrieb:
>>I'm using the c't vdr binary packages from e-tobi.net. I'll see if I can
>>compile my own from their sources.
>   $ sudo apt-get build-dep vdr
>   $ apt-get source vdr
>   $ cd vdr-1.*
>   $ DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS='debug nostrip' debuild binary
> (You may need to use 'noopt' instead of 'debug' - check debian/rules first.)

Thanks. I used a different route (see my previous message), but was it 
wrong? Are my backtraces useless for the list?



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