[vdr] Using VDR with more than one DVB card?

Erik Tjernlund erik at tjernlund.net
Sat Jun 25 20:19:33 CEST 2005

Hmm. Ok. I've tried lots of different stuff now, but no change. Still 
unwatchable with two DVB-C cards in the machine. Tried to measure the 
signal strenght with the femon plugin, but I'm not really sure how to 
interpet that the signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio goes between ~87-91%.

If it is the signal strength, what do I do? Buy an amplifier? Use the 
shortest possible cable?

Rainer Zocholl wrote (2005-06-25 15:51):
> How have you wired the 2 cards to your one cable cable?
> The direct cable signal is usually not able to drive 2 receivers.

I've just taken the coax cable from the cable-tv wall outlet, plugged in 
the first card and then used a short coax cable and connected the two 

> Do you have error messages in /var/log/syslog?

No, no errors at all.

> - Use the new card "in place" of the old to make sure that this
>  new card is not DOA

Check. Doesn't seem to be anything wrong with either card.

> - Place the new card (alone) into the intended slot.


> - use different slots


> - Use the old card as second board


> - Remove all hardware not required

Nothing in the machine except the two DVB cards and an AGP graphics 

> - Tell the BIOS to reassign the  PCI resourses

Tried to fiddle with the PCI settings in the BIOS, but no change.

> Are those interrupt shared?

Not sure. How can I check that?


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