[vdr] Using VDR with more than one DVB card?

Rainer Zocholl UseNet-Posting-Nospam-74308- at zocki.toppoint.de
Sat Jun 25 21:24:00 CEST 2005

erik at tjernlund.net(Erik Tjernlund)  25.06.05 20:19

>>>I've been using VDR for a long time with one DVB-C card. Now I've added 
>>>a second, identical card (Technotrend DVB-C 2.1).

>>>I get a picture, 

Where do you get the picture?
When connecting a TV on the second card
or when recording and viewed via the first?

AFAIK VDR is supporting only one primary device.

>>>but it's of very low quality and breaking up all the time. 

>Hmm. Ok. I've tried lots of different stuff now, but no change. Still
>unwatchable with two DVB-C cards in the machine. Tried to measure the
>signal strenght with the femon plugin, but I'm not really sure how to
>interpet that the signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio goes between ~87-91%.

that value should be OK.
(I am running at STR resp. SNR as low as 65% with DVB-S)

>If it is the signal strength, what do I do? 
>Use the shortest possible cable?
>Buy an amplifier? 

>I've just taken the coax cable from the cable-tv wall outlet, 
>plugged in the first card and then used a short coax cable and 
>connected the two cards.

Have you swapped the the sequence: connect the wall outlet cable
to the second card and then interconnect the first card to 
the second?

I looks very much that:
The second card does not get enough signal(as i said:
The cable signal is typically so low that not more than
one receiver can be conneted), very annoying.
So you need an amplifier.

Maybe an external splitter would be worth a test too,
so both cards gets a lower level 
Maybe something like BVE 2-01  @ 2,90 Euro.		

An amplifier like
Axing	TVS 10-00 37.90

might be too fat.

But don't by too cheap. The amplifier must be specified for "cable"
else the signal quality may degrade.

But a

Axing TVS 8-01 16,90Euro
  TV distribution amplifier "suitable for CATV (TV, Radio)"

would be sufficient too.
(See reichelt.de for a datasheet)

>> - Use the old card as second board


That means:
If you use the old card as second card the receiptiton on
the second card(=now old card) is still broken?

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