[vdr] Using VDR with more than one DVB card?

Erik Tjernlund erik at tjernlund.net
Mon Jun 27 14:00:21 CEST 2005

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First I want to thank you Rainer for all your help. It's very much

I've been trying different things all weekend and I'm now pretty sure
that my lossy picture problem is not related to the cable-tv signal
strength at all. I think it is hardware related and specifically
something with the PCI bus.

For example, if I change the PCI latency timer on the cards (setpci -s
00:90.0 LATENCY_TIMER=80), the picture becomes better on some channels
(still not watchable though) and the thing these channels seem to have
in common is their lower data rate.

Are there any other settings I can play with?

My next thing to try is to use another motherboard and see if it makes
any difference. If it does, it's a bit annoying, as I really wanted to
use the first machine.

Have to get it fixed in 4 days because it's when Tour de France begins.
Allez Ullrich :-).

Rainer Zocholl wrote:
 > I looks very much that:
> The second card does not get enough signal(as i said:
> The cable signal is typically so low that not more than
> one receiver can be conneted), very annoying.
> So you need an amplifier.


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