[vdr] [PATCH] fix segfault in cSkins::Message

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Thu Jun 30 16:53:45 CEST 2005

Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:
> On Donnerstag 30 Juni 2005 10:31, Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:
>>this happens if the MENUTIMEOUT makes the OSD menu 
>>disappear while a message is displayed.
> more is needed - all delete osd should also nullify it. See
> gdb output below.
> also, I can only get rid of the segfault shown by valgrind below
> if constructors with osd as private member nullify osd right
> at the beginning, before calling NewOsd(). (I did not check which
> constructor causes my segfault, just applied it to all of them).
> I suppose other skins might have the same problem.
> This looks to me as if access to osd might not be threadsafe,
> but I am by no means a thread expert

IIRC we already had this discussion some time ago.
The point is that you're not supposed to call any of the skin
functions from a thread. These functions are only supposed to be called
by VDR itself.


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