[vdr] hardware recommendations?

Craig Sanders cas at taz.net.au
Tue Mar 1 03:40:52 CET 2005

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 12:42:35PM +0000, Tony Houghton wrote:
> In <20050227230948.GA7634 at taz.net.au>, Craig Sanders wrote:
> > i've got a philips 201P 21" CRT - excellent monitor, i have no intention of
> > replacing it with an LCD (quality tends to be crap unless you spend a fortune,
> > with fuzzy unreadable text, and they give me headaches.  i'd rather have a 15"
> > CRT than a 19" LCD).
> > 
> > maybe in a few years LCD monitors will be good enough to consider as a
> > replacement.....i certainly like the minimal physical space that they take up.
> What on earth sort of LCD have you been looking at? Even my Dabs "Value"
> LCD (made by Mitac) from several years ago has crisper text than any CRT
> I've seen. 

the last one i spent any signifiant time with was some piece of crap that came
with a compaq evo that was put on my desk at work about 18 months ago.

it was so bad, the next day i insisted on getting my old 17" CRT back..got it
too, rescued it before it got thrown away (it was in perfect working order,
but they were just throwing it out - presumably because it wasn't fashionable
like LCDs)

> The one I tried before that did seem to make my eyes water a bit
> though, so I didn't keep it, and the Dabs one I bought about a year
> later was half the price :-). Later I got a Sony DVI one to go with
> it, which is visibly superior to the Dabs, which I had been quite
> impressed with so far.

cool.  if they're getting good already, i need to look at them again.  i'll
keep an eye on prices and start comparing specs & quality when decent 21"
models become affordable.

> If you tend to work with more than one window at a time, a pair of
> small displays is better than one large one.

the main thing i need is multi-gnome-terminal in crisp, clear 132 columns by
at least 50 lines (multiple ssh sessions into various machines i need to look
after). and multiple windows for firefox. for me graphics are definitely
secondary, i need good quality text that isn't going to cause eyestrain even
after 10 or 15 hours continuous use....that's essential, everything else is

> If you saw one with fuzzy text it could have had its pitch setting
> wrong. Easily corrected.

it could just be that that particular model of compaq LCD was garbage.  cheap
junk to go with the cheap junk desktop machine.


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