[vdr] hardware recommendations?

tony tony at tgds.net
Tue Mar 1 08:09:35 CET 2005

Le mardi 01 mars 2005 à 13:40 +1100, Craig Sanders a écrit :

> cool.  if they're getting good already, i need to look at them again.  i'll
> keep an eye on prices and start comparing specs & quality when decent 21"
> models become affordable.


I've had mine for about three years... Affordable for me was under 
1000€, since then the same screen can be had for 380€. In that time the
savings on the electricity bill amount to the price difference between
the TFT and a quality 17" tube. What you need to look for are brand name
LCDs. That isn't the name on the screen often enough. You want Samsung,
Sony (some are made by Samsung) or other big name brands.

Sounds like you need high resolution (over 1280 x 1024)? Sony make 1600
x 1200 TFT for about 1300€. That is what I paid for a 19" iiyama tube
that went pop one week after the end of the guarantee...



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