[vdr] hardware recommendations?

Tony Houghton h at realh.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 14:22:10 CET 2005

In <20050301024052.GA11492 at taz.net.au>, Craig Sanders wrote:

> cool.  if they're getting good already, i need to look at them again.  i'll
> keep an eye on prices and start comparing specs & quality when decent 21"
> models become affordable.

Don't forget an LCD's visible area is more comparable to the next size
up CRT, because the latter's figure includes the bit you can't see
behind the bezel. Most 19" LCDs are only 1280x1024 apparently (the same
as most 17"), but you can get higher resolutions for a higher cost.

> the main thing i need is multi-gnome-terminal in crisp, clear 132 columns by
> at least 50 lines (multiple ssh sessions into various machines i need to look
> after). and multiple windows for firefox. for me graphics are definitely
> secondary, i need good quality text that isn't going to cause eyestrain even
> after 10 or 15 hours continuous use....that's essential, everything else is
> optional.

Well, like I think I said, a good LCD should give crisper text than a
CRT. In fact, it can appear too crisp and look a bit ugly without
anti-aliasing, but I do find old-fashioned pixelly LucidaTypewriter
still the most usable for terminals.

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