[vdr] ati remote wonder uhf remote files for vdr

Martin Spears martin at kober.net
Tue Mar 1 21:18:21 CET 2005

the how-to can be found on www.hoochvdr.info, here are some 
configuration files that may be helpful.
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LIRC.Up         up
LIRC.Down       down
LIRC.Menu       e
LIRC.Ok         ok
LIRC.Left       left
LIRC.Right      right
LIRC.Red        a
LIRC.Green      b
LIRC.Yellow     c
LIRC.Blue       d
LIRC.Back       f
LIRC.0          0
LIRC.1          1
LIRC.2          2
LIRC.3          3
LIRC.4          4
LIRC.5          5
LIRC.6          6
LIRC.7          7
LIRC.8          8
LIRC.9          9
LIRC.Play       play
LIRC.Pause      pause
LIRC.Stop       stop
LIRC.Record     rec
LIRC.FastFwd    fastfwd
LIRC.FastRew    fastrew
LIRC.Commands   commands 
LIRC.Channel+   channel+
LIRC.Channel-   channel-
LIRC.Volume+    volume+
LIRC.Volume-    volume-
LIRC.Mute       mute
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