[vdr] How do I grab images in a background thread?

Markus Maeder Markus.Maeder at oase.ch
Wed Mar 2 09:50:19 CET 2005

The snapshot plugins I looked at, make the snapshot from the primary device

cDevice::PrimaryDevice()->GrabImage(FileName, m_Jpeg, m_Quality, m_SizeX,

That's not what I want. :(

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On Wed, 2 Mar 2005, Markus Maeder (MM) wrote:

MM> As written @
MM> http://www.vdrportal.de/board/thread.php?threadid=30679
MM> I am planning a mosaic plugin. This plugin should draw 3x3 snapshots of
MM> different TV stations and continously refresh the pictures. With the number
MM> 1..9 you could switch to the desired TV station.
MM> The snapshots should be taken in a background thread. Therefore I
MM> can't use the grab command of the primary device. Is there a simple
MM> way to grab images in a background thread or do I have to decode the
MM> mpeg stream in a receiever thread? (Like osdpip does.)

IIRC, there is a "vdr-snapshot" plugin, which can take snapshots
from "inside".

c ya
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