[vdr] EPIA SP + budget hardware mpeg2/4 acceleration?

tony tony at tgds.net
Wed Mar 2 17:19:38 CET 2005

Le mercredi 02 mars 2005 à 14:43 +0100, Leo Márquez a écrit :

> Perhaps you have ripped a tv recording ...

I write them to DVD if they are worth it with vdrsync.

> What kind of cpu are you using that not needs fan? It's possible have 
> the nehemia processor without fan?
> You don't have any fans in the case?

hush has a heat pipe from the CPU and two very big radiators. It stops
working when room temperature goes over 36°C (so do I...).

The other solution that I will build is an aluminium case with very
large Zalman heat sink on CPU and a thermo controlled case fan.



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