[vdr] EPIA SP + budget hardware mpeg2/4 acceleration?

Leo Márquez leo at calidae.net
Wed Mar 2 18:11:57 CET 2005

En/na Nicolas Huillard ha escrit:

> Leo Márquez a écrit :
>> En/na tony ha escrit:
>>> I have a hush. My home office is in the living room and it is on all 
>>> the
>>> time. No fan = no noise. I am thinking of making a second Epia machine
>>> without hard drive for just watching TV. It would also be a network
>>> stream client for DVDs and recordings on the main VDR machine. It will
>>> be in the bedroom.
>> What kind of cpu are you using that not needs fan? It's possible have 
>> the nehemia processor without fan?
>> You don't have any fans in the case?
> I personnaly have an EPIA M10000 in a CD-audio case, with no processor
> fan, but a 8cm low-speed extractor fan above a big heatsink on the 
> processor.

Good job! I have seen the photos. Can you tell us the models of the 
extractor and heatskin?
In photos the extractor does not appears. I supose it's under the heatskin.

> That's not silent, but really acceptable, particularly when stored
> inside the hifi piece of furniture.
> See http://nicolas.huillard.net/vdr/photos/ for photos.

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