[vdr] question about vdr-vdrcd

Jeremy Jones jeremy at samnjack.com
Wed Mar 2 18:32:43 CET 2005


I have a quick question about the vdr-vdrcd plugin.  In the readme and
on Sascha Volkenandt's website, I read that this plugin "makes (at
least) the two entries VCD and DVD obsolete, and that's why you can
disable them in the latest versions" AND "If the type of media is known
and an appropriate PlugIn is loaded, it starts it".

I assume this means the dvd and vcd entries in the main menu can be
disabled, not that I don't need to load the plugins at vdr startup.  Is
this correct?

If I do need to load the dvd and vcd plugins, with what options?  If I
load the dvd plugin with options like "-C /mnt/dvd/0" and
"-C /mnt/dvd/1", and there is no dvd in the drives to be mounted by
automount, vdr will not start.

Let's say I have two dvd drives, at /dev/dvd0 and /dev/dvd1.  I setup
automount thus:


/mnt/music      /etc/auto.music
/mnt/dvd        /etc/auto.dvd
/mnt/cdrom      /etc/auto.cdrom

in auto.music:

0          -fstype=cdfs    :/dev/dvd0
1          -fstype=cdfs    :/dev/dvd1

in auto.dvd:

0	   -fstype=udf     :/dev/dvd0
1	   -fstype=udf     :/dev/dvd1

in auto.cdrom:

0	   -fstype=iso9660 :/dev/dvd0
1	   -fstype=iso9660 :/dev/dvd1

To use this plugin to listen to audio cds, watch dvds, and watch vcds, I
think I should load the vdrcd plugin like this:

-P"vdrcd -c /mnt/music/0 -c /mnt/music/1 -c /mnt/dvd/0 -c /mnt/dvd/1
-c /mnt/cdrom/0 -c /mnt/cdrom/1"

Is this right?  Still, what about the vcd and dvd plugins?


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