[vdr] EPIA SP + budget hardware mpeg2/4 acceleration?

Nicolas Huillard nhuillard at e-dition.fr
Wed Mar 2 19:36:27 CET 2005

Leo Márquez a écrit :
> En/na Nicolas Huillard ha escrit:
>> I personnaly have an EPIA M10000 in a CD-audio case, with no processor
>> fan, but a 8cm low-speed extractor fan above a big heatsink on the 
>> processor.
> Good job! I have seen the photos. Can you tell us the models of the 
> extractor and heatskin?

The extractor is a noname old fan, which appears to be more silent than 
a costly new one I don't remember the brand of (the new one is silent 
when old by hand, but makes a lot of vibrations when screwed on the 
case, and even silent-blocks like the ones on the HDD/DVD didn't lower 
the noise).

> In photos the extractor does not appears. I supose it's under the heatskin.

It is screwed on the cover of the case, so it does not appear when the 
case is open. The air flows by a hole on the top of the case, which is 
actually a bad idea, since noise also goes up, right to the hear. It was 
too difficult to open the case on the side, and there was no room on the 

The heat sink bending is not artistic : it was too high to fit inside 
the case with the fan over it and I didn't when to lose 
matter/heat-sinking capabilities. I also thought that allowing more air 
to flow between the pins would allow more cooling.


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