[vdr] hardware recommendations?

jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com
Fri Mar 4 10:06:25 CET 2005

> Well, like I think I said, a good LCD should give crisper 
> text than a CRT. In fact, it can appear too crisp and look a 
> bit ugly without anti-aliasing, but I do find old-fashioned 
> pixelly LucidaTypewriter still the most usable for terminals.


Also check your tube. Put black background and white text and type 
whole screen full of h -character for example. Now look closely,
is your tube aligned correctly, so you see white h, not h with a
red shadow. Problem is more visible on edges of screen. I'd say
even cheap LCD with DVI is unaffected with this.

Then check fall-out of light intensity on edges of tube. Also LCD should be
checked for this, and for backlight 'pollution' when on black background.

Then put some software blinking black and white background, with lines
on screen. Does frame geometry change on you tube? On tube-TV's normally
it does. And some poor monitors with inadequate power supply.

So you need to decide which annoys you more. Possibility of one or couple 
of dead pixels or blurry analog image with uneven colors. Go to movies
and sometimes you can see dust in theatre's hardware. Black pixels throughout
the film you paid to see.. :-)

Then with video and 60Hz, that is completely ok with LCD/TFT because picture
won't flicker. And applies same to 50Hz. So you don't need to play with
1920x1080 at 120Hz -modes which which is high bandwidth and introduces softness
on analog video signals.

Of course there is the color gamut thing, but I am not prepared to write
about that.. :-)

Some both technologies has its benefits. I prefer LCD and digital technology
because it removed my head aches because of eye fatigue. And I don't like anti-
aliased text on screen because it 'softens' the focus. It is better so see
pixels and use resolution high enough (1600x1200).

But on DVB & DVI, frame transfer chain is too perfect. All DVB encoding artifacts
are too visible. That is the bad side. HDTV is much better, and nothing wins on
seeing HDTV on projector (which on my case is "cheap" and not 1080-resolution.. :-) 
Only MPEG compression on gradients annoy. Why sunsets needs to look like coming through
solarise filter?

With DVB material the FF-DVB card's composite out is good way of hw anti-alias, 
and the output quality is ok. Maybe S-Video would reduce color bleeding more.
For RGB sync on green circuitry must be built. :-(


Best regards, Jori

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