[vdr] english VDR Wiki license change (again)

Thomas Wehrspann thomas at wehrspann.de
Fri Mar 4 11:23:50 CET 2005

On Wednesday 16 February 2005 17:47, Thomas Wehrspann wrote:
> Has anyone objections against this intention or the procedure?
On second thoughts i myself think this was a really bad idea (shame on me for 
this snapshot).

The FDL might not be the best license for documentation, but other wikis 
(especially VDR Wiki and Wikipedia) are under FDL and sharing content between 
FDL and GPL is problematic (again: shame on me!).

There was not much editing since the official announcement (and license 
change), only a  really good rewrite of the actuator-plugin article. The rest 
was typo fixing and spam.

So, now i would vote for switching back to FDL (really the  LAST license 
change). Sorry for any inconvenience.

If there are no argues against it i will change the license back to FDL in a 
week or so.


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