[vdr] EPIA SP + budget hardware mpeg2/4 acceleration?

Nicolas Huillard nhuillard at e-dition.fr
Fri Mar 4 13:07:03 CET 2005

Laurence Abbott a écrit :
> On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 12:35 +0100, tony wrote:
>>Le vendredi 04 mars 2005 à 11:03 +0000, Laurence Abbott a écrit :
>>>How easy was it to get your Epia M1000 going with hardware MPEG
>>>decoding? Is it as simple as: boot, start vdr with xine plugins, start X
>>>sending out the S-video connector, start xine fullscreen?
>>Not yet but we are almost there. You need latest x.org and xine.
> Got both of them already: vanilla or do they need lots of patching to
> get it to work with acceleration? I looked into this a while back but I
> think that was before Via open-sourced their driver.

I think it's vanilla. I got X from a non-official Debian repository, and 
Xine (libxine) from Darren Salt's Debian repository.

> I was meaning more the other series such as the ME, MII, PD, etc. Is
> mini-itx.com a good place to buy these things from?

For you in the UK, mini-itx.com is a good place. I recently found an 
online distributor in Paris (good for me). There is also linitx.com in 
the US... Prices are quite the same everywhere (taking change into account).

> What do people normally do for a powersupply with these things? Use a
> chunky 12 V supply with a DC-DC convertor?

I changed the 55W DC-DC convertor / power block with a new 110W. The 
DC-DC fits directly in the ATX connector on the mobo (PW-200-M on 
http://www.mini-box.com/) and the power block is now outside the CD case 
(heat + size), whereas the previous 55W one shown on the pics was inside 
the case.
The new block has a tiny fan which is temperature controled. I didn't 
ear it start yet. I hope it won't ever start...
This setup is quite powerful and totally silent (that is : except for 
the extrator).


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