[vdr] EPIA SP + budget hardware mpeg2/4 acceleration?

Chris Warren dvb at ixalon.net
Fri Mar 4 13:21:52 CET 2005

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> It took me a whole week-end to cram everything inside the CD 
> case (after a whole bunch of design before that).
I'm doing something similar - at the moment I have my VDR maching setup on a
wooden shelf - no case whatsoever. I've gutted a broken Pioneer  DV-717 DVD
Player with a plan to put my EPIA M9000 board in that but found that the
Siemens FF card is 1 cm too high and the power plug of the DVD writer rests
on the memory.

I've ordered some low profile ram and a PCI-riser cable (from linitx.com - a
UK company) which should let me fit it all in next week! I've also ordered
an active pci-riser which should let me squeeze in 2 PCI cards at the end of
the cable... Fingers crossed...

Apart from that things fit perfectly - a regular ATX power-supply is just
the right height and to the left and right of the DVD burner there is
exactly the right amount of space for a stack of 2 hard-drives.

I'm using the iMON VFD for IR and front-display but don't like the 2-line
output of the lcdproc plugin, so am writing my own.

I've also noticed some solder tags on the iMON board which I have a feeling
are for front-panel buttons (but are not used) I may investigate soldering
the buttons from the DVD player onto these (and also wiring the LEDs and DVD
eject button up.)

I'll get some photos up once I'm satisfied this will actually work! :)


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