[vdr] Problems with AV sync and switching channels with anything later than 1.3.12 on FC3

anthony hornby ahornby at darlug.org
Sat Mar 5 08:01:33 CET 2005

I am running Fedora Core 3.
I have made lots of changes to try and make it play nice.

LANG set to en_AU in /etc/sysconfig/i18n


set no NTPL environment variable in /etc/profile

export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1

changed prelink options in /etc/sysconfig

PRELINK_OPTS="-m --no-exec-shield" 

and forced a relink.

disabled selinux in /etc/sysconfig/selinux

using patched versions of dxr3 and dxr3plugin
from cachalot.mine.nu

With 1.3.12 it works pretty well except for an annoying jerky playback
issue with mplayer that has snuck in in a recent version of the plugin.
MPlayer playback outside of VDR is fine.

However, whenever I switch to a version of VDR newer than 1.3.12 the
video/audio sync gradually drifts apart and switching between channels
stops working properly - I have to select a channel, press "switch" and
then select it again and press "switch" again for it to actually change
the channel.

All the usual dxr3 problems still there in either versions - pink
display after mplayer exits, display occasionally inverting red/blue.

I also have problems with AC3 sources - can't get them to play back. The
audio detection on my Denon 1602 switches to "analog" input when I try
and play AC3 sources and I get no sound. Femon says the signal strength
etc is fine.

Anyone experienced anything similar?
Any tips?


Mr Anthony Hornby RHCE BIT ALIATEC
Library Systems & Technology Coordinator
Charles Darwin University | CRICOS 300K
anthony.hornby at cdu.edu.au | office +61 8 89 466011

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