[vdr] Tivo patent info

Rainer Zocholl UseNet-Posting-Nospam-74308- at zocki.toppoint.de
Sat Mar 5 10:49:00 CET 2005

jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com 04.03.05 11:15

>USPTO doesn't check google for that stuff.. :-) They take money from
>companies by allowing them to patent things, and decide later if that
>patent was a valid one.

That's the problem!
If USPTO grants a patent, they get much more money than
as if they would discard it! (*)
Those brain dead child like US "patents" would disapper immediately
if every attempt to apply for a patent would cost the same money
regardles if grabted or not.
But that's not wanted because there are so many 
attorneys who are living from that silly US-"patents".

Too it looks better if america can "claim" 
"We are not only killing the most innocents in the world for oil, 
we too the have the best inventors in the world! 
See how many patents we made last year!".

Even if the patent is worth nothing because of "prior art"
they can block competitions and bound there force to fight
for cancelation of a that patent.
See how long the company which is now calling itself "SCO"
can live and "prosper" only by claiming(!) linux clains
stolen code...

If you want(ed) to file a german patent you will do/would have done 
a lot of -expensive- preinvestigation to be sure not to 
try to patent something trivial or already known, because
you have to pay the patent office regardless if the patent is
granted or not! But the EU want make that american crap too
because teh big companies what t that way and "spent" a lot of money.
See http://swpat.ffii.org  etc. (english)

To get an impression how patent licences (alrady) are "negotiated",
have a look at 
"#367: Patentverhandlungen"
(Sorry, only in german.)
That's not "only a joke", that will become reality!
See all those cheap childish US "patents". Who will tell
what they are worth, if they are worth something at all? 
So printing them out will give an impression which patents may 
cause the bigger costs for the patent attorneys of the counter part...!
(That's the idea behind #376).

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