[vdr] Tivo patent info

Tuomas Jormola tjormola at cc.hut.fi
Sat Mar 5 21:11:27 CET 2005

On 4.3.2005, at 18:26, Pasi Juppo wrote:

> jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com wrote:
>> I just want to remind open source communities, publish on mailing 
>> list new
>> ideas. That makes acquiring patents very hard (or if patent is given, 
>> then
>> it is easy to counter)! It is cheap, usually your monthly ADSL fee.. 
>> :-)
>> (Or you can patent it by yourself if you have the money, and sell 
>> licences
>> to Tivo to gain money).
> How much money those MEPs really get for driving the software patent 
> legislation? Big companies are for it but small and individuals are 
> against it for good reasons. I cannot think any good reason for MEPs 
> to support this than money or personal pressure of some kind.
Here in Finland our beloved Nokia is probably using the same scare 
tactics as when they drive lower taxes for themselves. Their lobbying 
people are telling the politicians that unless you don't give us 
software patents, we'll take our head quarters and R&D centers out of 
the country, you'd better remember that when deciding about the issue! 
I guess you could call it blackmailing if you want to. Same thing is 
probably going on in other countries too (Ericsson/Sweden, 
Siemens/Germany, Philips/The Netherlands etc.).

Tuomas Jormola <tjormola at cc.hut.fi>

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