[vdr] lirc problems with VDR 1.3 under kernel 2.6.

Dirk dirk-mailinglisten at wor.net
Sun Mar 6 07:30:10 CET 2005

Carsten Koch wrote:
> Hi,
> is anybody else experiencing sluggish response to remote control commands?
> It started when I updated to kernel 2.6 and VDR 1.3.

Yes, same for me.
But I am observing that remote control key presses are never lost.
Sometimes I press several keys in sequence and nothing happens. After some
seconds, the keys are "executed" very quickly.

This behaviour is very annoying sometimes.

> I did a quick test tonight and ran both irw and vdr in parallel,
> to see whether it's lirc or vdr that's dropping my remote control commands?

I am also using lirc for controlling other applications (e.g. yammi) and the
reaction is always fast.

> Has anybody else observed this bug?
> Any solution or workaround yet?
> Would you suggest that I put some test code into VDR to debug it?

I also thought about some test code. But I have never looked into the VDR code

I think, there must be some instance inside VDR which "caches" the remote
key strokes in some kind of queue.


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