[vdr] [Announce] LNB-sharing patch for VDR 1.3.22

Rainer Zocholl UseNet-Posting-Nospam-74308- at zocki.toppoint.de
Sun Mar 6 13:15:00 CET 2005

qwasi_1999 at yahoo.de(Qwasi)  03.03.05 21:03

>> Hello!
>> A new release of the configurable LNB-sharing patch for VDR
>> 1.3 is available at:
>> Matthias.

>Sorry for this slighly OT question (but it's regarding the
>LNB-Sharing-Patch ;-)

>Is someone able to post a list of possible channel combinations when
>using this patch!?

>I'm thinking of buying a second card but only have one line ;(
>So it would be great to know what i spossible with the patch and whats
>not ...

>Or do I have a way on my own to find out!?

Look into your "channels.conf" and http://www.vdr-wiki.de

You can only use those transponders which are using the same polarization.
That applies for lo/hiband to, but there are one 3(?) digital
transponders on the lo band.

I solved/releaxed that problem by adding a DVB-T card.

But be aware that you might need a little amplifier
in front of the cable splitter!

Too you might want to enable "LNB supply" on only one
card. But i don't know if VDR can handle this (i don't think so as it
normally not required and the problems of the "LNB sharing guys" are
usually ignored, as they are only a few hundert and they easily could move
into an other house or install a "one-wire-solution") or if the LNB-sharing 
patch will take care of running all cards "LNB supplies" in sync.
FYI: The level of the "LNB supply" tells the LNB/switch what to
deliver: hor and vert polarization. "Normally" the higher Voltage 
"wins" and the supply chip should have been protected by a diode.. bad when
i see what cheap parts hauppage are "inventing away" it might
be possibile that they save 0,02Euro per 200 Euro card and
replace the diode with cheap copper.
That should not break the "LNB supply" immediately, 
but you are wasting energie 7*24h, and with the time one
supply chip might become stressed too much...


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