[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] noad-0.6.0

the Noad theNoad at SoftHome.net
Mon Mar 7 18:56:48 CET 2005

there is a new Version of noad available. 

You can find it on the noad-Homepage:

Version 0.6.0
- add audio-silence-detection
- add check for ac3-scan
- fixed a bug in online-scan (wrong marks if there is a short part with
      ac3-sound  at the start of the recording)

Version 0.5.3
- change the way to find the mpeg2-headers in configure
  look for pkg-config
  else try /usr/include 
  else try /usr/local/include
- fixed a bug in restart scan after searching for a new logo in online mode
- changed umask for create mark-files

What is noad?
noad is a small programm that tries to detect advertising breaks in 
vdr-recordings and write cutting marks into the marks.vdr. Read more on the 


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