[vdr] VDR on DBox2

HGM.bg (GMX) vdr.hgm.bg at gmx.net
Tue Mar 8 08:17:38 CET 2005

Huber, Matthias RD-CP1 wrote:

> Now I try to get VDR running on a DBox2. The
> tuxbox project (Linux for  
> Dbox2) incorporates a patched vdr-1.2.6. I could get this installed,
> OSD works, remote control works with LIRC. 

Have you got a URL for that ?

> My problem is, if I try to replay a recording from the server via
> NFS, data gets streamed, but I see no pictures and hear no sound... 
> Is anybody else running VDR on Dbox2 ?
> Is the recording format (of 001.vdr, e.g.) backward-compatible from
> 1.3.17 to 1.2.6 ?

I'm still waiting for a clean solution (if it's with vdr or vlc) that
allows me to play vdr-files on the dbox2 :( Any hints are welcome....

> Matthias


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